Winston Ridge: Assistant Change

This email is to inform you that my esteemed assistant, Javan York, will be embarking on new adventures starting Friday, 11/17. We’re sincerely grateful for his contributions and wish him every success in the future.

I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest team member, Brandi Allred, who will be taking Javan’s position. She brings fresh energy and skills to enhance our services.

During this transition, you might notice Brandi gradually taking over some of the responsibilities previously handled by Javan. While we fine-tune our processes, your understanding of any temporary adjustments in response times is greatly appreciated.

Rest assured, I am committed to ensuring a seamless transition and will personally oversee Brandi’s training to maintain the high standards you expect from us.

Andrea ‘Drea’ Paulk, CMCA
Winston Ridge Community Manager
Elite Management Professionals, AAMC
4112 Blue Ridge Road Suite 100
Raleigh NC 27612
Phone – 919-233-7660 x 245
Fax – 919-233-7661

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