Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HOA own the Long Mill Lake?

Yes, the lake on Long Mill is part of the HOA’s open greenspace.

How do I obtain a pool fob?

To get a pool fob for either pool complete the Winston Ridge Pool Fob Form and send it to Elite.

When are the community yards sales held?

The community yard sales are held in the spring and again in fall (typically April and October) and are posted well in advance on the community events calendar.

When are HOA fees due?

Your HOA fees are billed on a quarterly basis in; January, April, July, and October.

How do I request use of Plantation pool meeting room?

To use the meeting room, one person in the community group must log into their account on the
website and submit the completed event/reservation request form. This designated person will also assume responsibility for any charges that may apply in the event of damage, failure to clean up after the
event, or violation of any meeting room rules.

The the Plantation pool fob number must be provided on the requst form and will be activated to allow access into the meeting room 30 minutes prior through one 1 hour past the scheduled end time on the day(s) of the event.

Please note the room is not currently available for private events.

How do I switch to eStatements?

To switch to electronic billing statements please log on to the Elite community website and follow the instructions found here.

How do I share a post or event to Facebook?

Step 1 – Find a news or event post on the website you want to share

Step 2 – Scroll down (if needed) until you see the social media sharing buttons

Step 3 – Click on the Facebook button. In the window displayed change the drop down in the upper right to be “Share in a Group” and enter the Winston Ridge group’s name

Step 4 – click on the “Post to Facebook” button

That’s it.  

What are the usage rules for the community pools?

The current community pool rules are available here.

How many vehicles have been towed since the first sign was installed in August 2022?

Only one vehicle has been towed in the months since the sign was installed at the Listeria Crest pool. The goal is to never have to tow an additional vehicle. 

How much does it cost to retrieve a towed vehicle?

The cost to retrieve a towed vehicle is $95 for the tow away service, along with a daily storage fee of $25. (Nov 2023 prices)

Can owners use the pool area parking lot for overflow parking for their guests?

Yes, owners are welcome and encouraged to use the pool area parking lot for overflow parking for their guests. However, it is important to ensure that all vehicles are in proper working condition and not abandoned or damaged. As durable as asphalt is, oil stains can degrade asphalt by eating through the surface.

What steps are taken before a vehicle is towed?

An email notification will be sent to the entire community, requesting assistance in locating the vehicle’s owner. If we cannot locate the owner via email notifications, a notice will be affixed to the vehicle, providing a minimum of 14 days for the owner to address the situation.

How does the towing enforcement policy work?

The tow company, American Towing and Recovery, is only authorized to tow if a representative from Elite Management or the Winston Ridge Board of Directors calls them to report the vehicle. Owners and guests are permitted to park in the designated area at the Listeria Crest and Plantation pools, both daily and overnight. The towing policy is enforced only if a vehicle is clearly abandoned or damaged to the extent that it cannot be driven (e.g., flat tires, or significant body damage).

What prompted the need for a towing-enforced sign at the pools?

In August 2022 a vehicle with flat tires was abandoned at the Listeria Crest Pool that needed to be towed. We contacted American Towing and Recovery to tow the vehicle, however, a towing-enforced sign must first be installed before they can tow a vehicle from a parking lot so the owner can locate their car once/if towed. They installed the sign and towed the vehicle.  This action was taken to ensure that the pool area remains safe and accessible for all community members.

As we have the sign and the policy at the Listeria Crest pool, it just made sense to install at the Plantation Pool as well. This request was submitted to American Towing in July, however the signs were on back order and did not get installed until recently.

How do I download files from the Documents page?

To download documents from the Documents page you must be logged on to the the website and be and have been validated as a homeowner.

The first method is to select the file (or folder) would would like to download and click on the disk icon in the top bar menu.

The first method is to select the file (or folder) you would like to download and click on the disk icon in the top bar menu.

The second method is to select the file (or folder) you would like to download and right click on the file, and select download from the displayed menu.

What kinds of things do not require ARC approval?

Those types of exterior changes are documented in this file.

Who is on the Winston Ridge Board of Directors?

The current membership of the Board of Directors can be found on this page.

When is the annual Association meeting held?

The annual Association Homeowner meeting is conducted in September.

When does the HOA Board of Directors meet?

The Board meetings are generally conducted on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Plantation pool house meeting room. The meetings are posted in advance to the events calendar.