Landscaping Committee

Mission: Our role is overseeing the beauty of Winston Ridge common areas. It is not to establish policies  but rather to provide information and options to enable the Board to make fully informed  decisions for the common good of the neighborhood. We accomplish this in two ways. First, we  inspect the common areas and provide ideas on how to improve and enhance these areas.  Second, we review potential landscape improvements, propose changes or maintenance issues,  and make recommendations to the Board.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Review the landscape maintenance of all Association common areas. This includes regular  and ongoing communication with the Association’s current landscaping vendor(s). 
  • Participate in walk around inspections with  the Association’s current landscaping vendor(s). This includes semi-annual meeting on the selection of annuals for the subdivision entrances and both pool entrances. 
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding any landscaping issues or improvements to the Association’s common areas.  
  • Review homeowner complaints or requests regarding landscaping of common areas and report back our recommendations to the Board. 
  • Organize and supervise volunteer projects to improve common areas.  
  • Evaluate the current landscape conditions and make appropriate recommendations to the Board for review/approval. 
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding additional planting projects.
Zac Wilson
HOA Board Liaison
George Roraback
Ron Shaddix