Chili Cook Off News

Sally Cahill Ziter, Paul Kestler, Gene Schempp, Mary Wright Christiana, Donna McCallum, Carrie Lewis (for Thomas George).

Bob Trojak was kind enough to offer generators to keep our Crock Pots hot at the Octoberfest on October 21st and we would like to do a trial run. Please bring your Crock Pots to the Greenspace at the corner of Scarlet Bell and Periwinkle on Wednesday the 4th at 6:30. If you cannot make it you can drop off your Crock Pot to me at 32 Sweetbay Park so we can test it. There will be 8 of us including myself and Bob Trojak.

Let Pat Mikolay know if there are any questions.

Thank you from your Social Committee.

crop person with spoon near pan

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