Pool Umbrellas

Yesterday’s quick storm brought strong winds and rain.  We will see that weather pattern repeated throughout the summer.  Unfortunately, an umbrella was left open at the pool and it did not remain standing upright and open in that storm. It was also reported that the violent wind and rain action that blew the umbrella out of the table also cracked the table it was anchored to. The original financial cost to homeowners for these pool deck furniture items is as follows: (replacing them will only be higher)

$118 White 47″ Y-Leg table 

$147.50  White 70 lb Market Umbrella Base 

$347.50 – Pacific Blue 7.5′ Umbrella

The cost to replace this 10 year warrantied commercial furniture is why we have included on the pool rules that if you open an umbrella, close it when you leave.  Whomever comes behind you, if anyone that day, can open and close an umbrella in the location of their choosing and then they, too, will close their umbrella when they leave.  This little task is critical to maintaining our pool deck furniture for everyone to enjoy for years to come – or not.  The honor system for following ALL the rules at our pool is the only way to protect our investments and keep our expenses down. 

Please review the pool rules, follow them, and enjoy a safe and fun pool season. And a huge thank you to everyone who is already doing this.  

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