Vereran’s Group Meeting

Old Business: - Memorial Day (Service/Social): Since there are no volunteers, this event is on hold for the moment. - 4th of July (Service/Social): Any ideas for the 4 July parade, please let Chris know. Maybe just volunteer to help with traffic control for the parade would be great. Those that submit ideas will automatically be part of the volunteers. New Business: - What is Next? The rest of the meeting will be a discussion on what the participants want from this group. The resulting objectives/goals will be those that the group will adopt for the next year. Next Meeting" The next meeting will be 10 April 2024 at 1800 in the poolhouse. If you have any questions, please contact Chris either through the website or by the group email.
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2024 Social Event Planning for Kids Events

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Good Morning WR! We are preparing some Social Committee events for 2024. In acknowledging we have a lot of young families in the community we would like to offer kids events at the clubhouse starting Feb. These events would consist of story telling, movie night and ice cream sundaes to start. We are looking for 2-3 young Moms, grandmas, aunts who would like to work with us. We will be meeting once per month for 2 hrs. and looking to create a second layer of participation to help support children activities. If this is you please contact me. I have family coming in today and will respond as soon as I can. These events are tentatively scheduled for once a month unless we don’t get the response we are hoping…
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Garden Club Meeting

Debby Tingen, owner of Flower Shack will be the guest speker. She will speak about planting in our area. Everyone is welcome.
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